How to measure your kitchen

Are you planning to update your kitchen? Designing your new kitchen starts by making accurate measurements to help you in your design process. It may seem a very scary task, but don’t worry, this measuring guide will give you a step-by-step instructions in order to get accurate dimensions. You may also download our Design Guide to get the planning grid.

Note: Use inches in your measurements as the cabinets are normally measured in this unit.

1. It all starts with a vision. How do you see your new kitchen? Are you using the same cabinets? If you are remodeling and changing the entire look, decide which layout is it going to be. There’s L-Shape, U-Shape, G-Shape, Galley, and 1-Wall layout. For this tutorial, we will be using an L-Shape kitchen with a peninsula on the right.

Kitchen Cabinet Shapes

2. Draw a rough sketch of your kitchen. Once you’ve decided the layout, measure the total space from wall edge to wall edge. Measure the peninsula from wall edge as well.

3. Measure the Windows and Appliances. Indicate the location of windows, sizes of the appliances (ovens, range, dishwasher, etc), and other permanent features such as water pipes, gas pipes, and electrical outlets.


4How to measure your kitchen. Last but not the least, measure the height of your ceiling and that’s it! When you’re done, you can send the layout to us give you an estimate. No need to make your layout to be nice. We will transform your layout into 3D drawing using our design software to make your vision come to life. 






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