One of the benefits to ordering your kitchen cabinets from Kitchens Pal is that our cabinets come ready to assemble. Among the wholesale price and the amazing quality of each product, this feature is one that very few people truly understand the benefits of. In order to show you just how optimal Kitchens Pal is, we’ve broken down the benefits to purchasing these ready to assemble cabinets.


Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are much easier to install than custom made kitchen cabinets. Kitchens Pal offers these high quality kitchen cabinets at a wholesale price which makes them much more affordable than having someone come in and construct them straight from the individual pieces of wood. This also saves you money when it comes to labor.


While people think that you can only get cabinets that suit all of their needs by getting custom cabinets installed, that’s not true. With ready to assemble cabinets, you can choose from a huge selection of cabinets with different designs and accessories so that you can create cabinets that are very specific to your needs.


When you purchase the ready to assemble cabinets from Kitchens Pal, you are able to select the stain or design that you want for your kitchen. You can get extremely specific with mixing and matching and know that the quality consistency will be the same while still having cabinets that you customize to your needs.


Ready to assemble cabinets provide you more choices than you get with custom cabinets. Order the specific design, size and shelving that you want, at a more affordable price. The choices don’t stop here, you can choose whether or not you want to install these cabinets on your own, or you could choose to have a contractor install them.

There are plenty of reasons that Kitchens Pal should be the place that you order your kitchen cabinets from. Browse our selection of wholesale, ready to assemble kitchen cabinets and find ones that exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by our showroom in Los Angeles to get a good feel of what our kitchen cabinets look like.

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