Kitchens are one of the rooms in your house that you want to make sure has plenty of storage. Whether you’re unhappy with the amount of storage in a house you already own, or you’ve found a great home aside from the kitchen, you can create your own storage so that you can continue to love the home you’re in. At Kitchens Pal, we have a wide range of wholesale cabinets for you to install into your home, and one of the best parts of our ready to assemble kitchen cabinets is that you can create the storage space that you’ve been dreaming of by finding the individual cabinets that you want. An added bonus to purchasing your kitchen cabinets from Kitchens Pal is that you can find accessories that add even more storage to your kitchen. Here are a few of the additives you’ll find in our selection of cabinets.

Slide Out Shelves

This is one of the more popular features that people are adding to their cabinets. For lower level shelves, you can create a beautiful cabinet while still optimizing the amount of storage that you’re getting from your cabinets. These slide out shelves are a great way to utilize all of the storage within your cabinet. Too often we leave our pots and pans at the front of the cabinet so that we can reach them easily when we need them. Sliding shelves allow for you to get pots, pans or plates into the back of the cabinet without having to shuffle things every single time.

Door Storage

This newer addition is found primarily in tall cabinets and is great for a pantry. These grated shelves are installed on the backside of the door and make it so that you get double of the storage meshed with the already standard shelving. Perfect for storing jars, cans or boxes, this addition makes it so that you get the absolute most out of a cabinet that you’re using as a pantry.

Kitchens Pal wants to provide you with the quality products that you need to get the most out of your storage space and overall kitchen. We offer tons of styles, sizes and accessories so that you can truly create the exact cabinet that you want for your kitchen. Browse online today or stop by our showroom right outside San Diego, today.

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