As if there wasn’t enough for you to take into consideration while picking the cabinets that you are going to purchase, we want to add even more to your options. But let’s be honest, not enough options would be unfortunate and would make it pretty unlikely for you to find anything that you wanted to install in your kitchen. To narrow down the selection of woods that you’ll find, we want to point out the three most common types of woods that are used for cabinetry.


This particular type of wood is a straight-grained hardwood that has a large range of coloring. Coloring depends entirely on which part of the tree the wood came from, with a nice chocolate brown shade coming from the center of the tree, and a yellowish tint when coming from the outside of the tree. This type of wood is extremely strong and even more stable, making it great for counters that experience so much use.


This type of wood is nice and smooth with a tight wood grain. Known for the strong and heavy stance that this wood has, it is often used to build items like bed posts, tables and, you guessed it, cabinets. This material is easy to work with, so the process of building the cabinets is extremely easy and done efficiently.


This particular wood ranges from a very light white color to a creamy tan. An added reddish-brown tone is seen in the grain of the wood, with small and thick grain lines make up the design. Because of it’s bright color and subtle grain, it’s easy to create a uniform look throughout your kitchen.

Kitchens Pal offers tons of hardwood kitchen cabinets for you to choose from. Once you find a cabinet that suits the size, style and storage that you’re looking for, you can choose which of our solid wood cabinet doors you’d like to complete it. Check out our selection online today, or stop into our showroom located in San Diego. Stop in and visit our cabinet experts today.

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