Shopping for kitchen and bath cabinets online may seem a daunting task — not unless you’re a professional cabinet installer/contractor who knows which cabinet sizes to buy. It is difficult, it is not impossible. The real secret to buying kitchen cabinets online simply begins with getting your measurements done first. If you haven’t read our article about measuring guide, please click here or download the template.

Guide to measure kitchen spaceHere at Kitchens Pal, we replicate your layout with our design software and see what cabinet sizes will fit in. Our kitchen designers will also help you plan the space to make sure it adheres to city code and resolve any complexities in the design. Once everything is laid out properly, you can either buy the items online or we can do the shopping for you. We will place your order at our backend so you don’t have to go through adding every single item in the cart.

Still not convinced that it is easy to buy cabinets online? Try sending your initial kitchen layout and we will guide you in every step of the way. You may also request for a showroom tour to see our cabinets on display.

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