By no means is California the most humid state in the US, but being as close to the ocean as we are here in Los Angeles, we definitely do get some the side effects of the humidity and temperature. While it does wonders for your skin and adds a touch of volume to your hair, humidity is more powerful than we think and can have some crazy effects on our homes. While it isn’t the ideal situation, we aren’t about to go removing any material or furniture that could be affected by this humidity and temperature, but being prepared for what could happen is your best bet.


Depending on what type of material your cabinets are made of, the humidity will affect them differently. Any cabinets made from unfinished wood will soak up more of the humidity, which will expand the wood and could create further damages. For cabinets that are coated with a laminate or have a finish on them, the humidity is less likely to do any damage.


As with any material, increase in temperature will cause the material to expand. Accounting for this will be a necessity so as to ensure that all of your cabinets fit as intended. To get an idea of what these cabinets will look like, you can visit our showroom here in Los Angeles, that will give you a direct idea of what our kitchen cabinets will look like once in your home.

Because the temperature and humidity isn’t as intense as other locations, having to prepare for situations isn’t entirely a necessity. The place where this will come in most handy is with the choices that you make when installing in your home. At KitchensPal, we offer a variety of kitchen cabinets from a range of materials, all of which you can choose for your prefered cabinet. Choose the option that works best for you, and the climate you live in, and order online today!

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