The kitchen is one of the first thing that people look at when buying a home. It’s easy to assume that our kitchens are the room in our home that hold the most. Between the dining sets and the countless devices that we use for cooking, space can be limited. The downfall to this issue is that any kitchen looks like a messy kitchen when there are items all over the counter. At KitchensPal, we have found the solution to the time old issue of too much on the counters, and we’re going to share it with you.

Storing Food

Baking goods like flour, sugar and the like, all look better when you put them in a cute jar, but as you get to cooking you’re suddenly having to move jars to make room, wiping them down when something splatters on it or it’s falling off the counter for lack of better space. While the idea may seem cute, these jars really just create a bigger mess on the counters. Keep any jars or food that is able to store, in a pantry cabinet. We have tons that provide space on shelving and on the back of the pantry door.

Storing Bigger Kitchen Supplies

Let’s face it, there’s something exhilarating about purchasing new appliances for our kitchen, even if they’re only used a couple of times. In reality, our counter space shouldn’t have to pay for the waffle maker and miniature deep fryer that you couldn’t say no to while walking down the aisle. Finding cabinetry that is big enough for these devices can seem hard, but at KitchensPal, we have a variety of designs that are wide enough to fit these trinkets and keep them off your counter.

Keep your counters clutter free by installing cabinets that offer you all of the space necessary. At KitchensPal, the highest quality cabinet factory outlet in San Diego, we carry a wide selection of cabinets that you can choose from to fill your needs. Mix and match to create the ultimate storage space in your kitchen.

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