Hampton White Shaker

Hampton White Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Does your house look like it belongs in the Hamptons? Have you always wanted a home that looks high-end? That is high-end? If your answer is, “yes,” we have a treat for you. Here at Kitchens Pal in Los Angeles, our focus is to provide each and every customer with a treat they can’t deny, such as our Hampton White Shaker Kitchen and Bath Cabinets.

Hampton White Shaker Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Deal

If keeping your home’s design as contemporary and simple as possible is your goal, you’ll love the design of the Hampton White Shaker cabinets. These cabinets are available for both 10 x 10 kitchens and 10 food run kitchens; however, the prices vary. Cabinets for a 10×10 kitchen are available for $1,510.51. Cabinets for a 10 foot run kitchen are available for $770.46. Both options are essential to individuals who are searching for a home that looks like it’s in the Hamptons. And, this deal includes soft-closing doors and drawers, as well as free handles of your choice with every door and drawer.

Shipping and Quality

The shipping and quality of our cabinets to your Los Angeles home are simple, yet superior. We provide our consumers with the best possible materials available. You will receive kitchen cabinets that are made from high-quality plywood construction. This means absolutely no particle board in any of your cabinets. Additionally, your kitchen cabinets will ship to your home in Los Angeles within 1 to 2 weeks from your order date; however, this does depend on the stocks available. To learn more, feel free to give us a call at 909-859-5370.

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