Give Your Kitchen Dimension


Gray Raised Panel Kitchen CabinetSometimes, all your kitchen needs is a little bit of dimension. Kitchens are usually the location in a home that everyone gathers. Whether you’re having a holiday party or you’re enjoy a relaxing evening with your closest friends while sipping your favorite wine, the kitchen is a place to come together. When you feel as though your kitchen could use an upgrade, the first details you’ll want to look at include the cabinets and countertops. What should you do next if you feel as though your cabinets could be replaced? Check out the deals here at Kitchens Pal!

Gray Raised Panel Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Deals

When searching for a new kitchen design, it’s important you learn what your options are when it comes to cabinet styles, colors and designs. Online at Kitchens Pal, you’ll be able to find the exact design you want, at an affordable price. Yes, we said affordable! For a 10 foot run kitchen, you’ll pay $801.00, and for a 10×10 kitchen, you’ll pay $1,506.58. This price includes the cabinet’s handles for the drawers and doors. Included with your purchase are soft-closing door and drawer technology. There’s nothing like being startled from a door and drawer slam; we’re doing our part to make sure no one has to be startled ever again!

What about the shipping?

When you purchase your Gray Raised Panel cabinets for your Los Angeles home, you’ll be excited to learn it’ll only take 1 to 2 weeks for your shipment to arrive. The cabinets are packed flat and require assembly; however, you can rest assured that your cabinets are high-quality and are not constructed out of particle boards. To have any questions and concerns addressed, feel free to give us a call today, at 909-859-5370.

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