White kitchen cabinets have been a thing of the past and are becoming more popular each and every day in the Los Angeles area and even around the entire world. Painting your existing kitchen cabinets white or purchasing new Shaker style cabinets for your home is a feature most homeowners want; if you’re one of them, we highly recommend you learn the pros and cons to installing white Shaker style cabinets in your Los Angeles home.

The Benefits of White Cabinets

The Pros


White cabinets have a brightening effect. Whether you want to create a brighter look for your kitchen or you want to make your kitchen look bigger than its actual size, by painting your kitchen cabinets white, you’ll be able to enjoy these lasting effects. A warm and inviting kitchen that looks larger than actuality is a plus every homeowner will enjoy.


Have you always wanted a modern kitchen? If you install bright, white, laminated veneer cabinets, it will help to keep your kitchen clean and crisp. Modern laminate veneer for your cabinets is the perfect option because they will be easier to clean than painted cabinets.


When it comes to designing your kitchen with the perfect accents, such as kitchen appliances, you’ll be able to make nearly any appliance work effortlessly. Whether you have stainless steel appliances, black appliances or are upgrading each appliance one at a time, your kitchen will always look great. The great benefit of white cabinets is that they will allow you to get away with using different color accents, whether it be a wall or colorful backsplash.


Are you someone who likes to change up your kitchen’s interior decorating every few months? Rest assured a white cabinet set is perfect for you. White cabinets allow you to swap out your kitchen’s decor without making it an eyesore. You can repaint the walls, change accent colors and much more, all while keeping your kitchen cabinets the same.

The Cons


Like many other items that are white, this color scheme easily shows smudges, dirt, food particles from cooking or scratches.


White has a way of showing the cabinet’s age. Unlike darker colors, white is far more likely to have some discoloration take place, which is why aging is easily noticeable on white cabinets. However, depending on the type of Shaker cabinet you purchase, you may be able to avoid discoloration altogether.


Depending on the style of cabinets in which you decide to design your kitchen, you may end up dealing with glares. If you’d like to avoid glares at all costs, it’s imperative you choose a cabinet finish that does not include gloss.


If you want to avoid having a boring kitchen, you’ll want to make sure your styling elements are on point. If your kitchen is left unstyled with white Shaker style cabinets, you may end up with a dull kitchen on your hands. A simple way to avoid this is to add a colorful wall, backsplash, kitchen counter, offsetting appliances or splash of color here and there.

What’s Your Style?

Keep your kitchen top-notch and shop online with Kitchens Pal today. We have a beautiful store front in Los Angeles for you to check out our cabinets in action. Feel free to visit us online first to take a look at what interests you, then stop by our showroom to learn if white Shaker style cabinets would be the perfect renovation your kitchen needs. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our team online today!

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