You ordered you kitchen cabinets from Kitchens Pal in Los Angeles and now it’s time to pick out the hardware. This is the fun part, right? You might think that choosing pulls or knobs will be easy, after all, the hard part of picking the style and color of kitchen cabinets was difficult enough. Well, we hate to break it to you, but the hard part has just started. Why? There are so many different knob and pull options out there that you’ll love; but don’t panic! By all means, we encourage you to avoid making a knee-jerk decision just to get your kitchen remodel over with. You want to make the right choice. You’ll be touching your kitchen knobs and pulls every day. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, this micro-design element makes a macro impact.

Stay calm and don’t get overwhelmed.

We’ve been there, overwhelmed and unsure where to start. Traveling to a local hardware store is easy to do, but once you get there you’ll be stuck staring at a wall of knobs and pulls not knowing where to start. The first step to deciding which knob or pull is best for you is to narrow down your choices.


Decide on knobs or pulls for your kitchen.

The first and hardest step of all is determining whether or not you’d like knobs or pulls for your kitchen cabinets. Both knobs and pulls offer great benefits and if you truly can’t decide between the two, you can have both. In contrast, cabinet knobs provide stylistic advantages that pulls generally can’t provide. Knobs can be purchased in many different shapes, sizes, styles and colors. On the flip side, pulls can dress up cabinetry with its shape, giving a graceful and contemporary look.

If you truly are lost in making the decision of what kind of hardware you’d like to install on your new cabinets from Kitchens Pal, some people resort to other approaches, including making decisions based on resale value and basing their selection on the finish and style of the kitchen faucet. Once you choose knobs or pulls, you can zero in on a few dozen hardware styles instead of hundreds.

Common cabinet knob and pull styles you may love…

Streamline Moderne

Streamline moderne is a style of pulls that were inspired by ships and high-speed rails during the art deco era. You’ll also see this shape of furnishings and architectures throughout the 1930s time period. They’re described as slender, curved and often have horizontal lines.


This style of pull are slim and perfect for natural modern cabinetry. They’re usually made with stainless steel, making them a superb choice for dark stained wood cabinets; however, you will also see streamline moderne pulls in nautical-themed rooms as well.

One of the great benefits of streamline moderne handles is that if you’re replacing all of your cabinets with these pulls, you can choose to order a refrigerator handle too.

The Pros

They’re elegant, sleek and roomy. If you want a pull that is easy to grip that provide a shallow function, they’re a perfect match. This style of pull works with contemporary, modern, transitional and art deco cabinets.

The Cons

They tend to cost more than small pulls.

Shop for cabinet knobs and pulls online at Kitchens Pal!

Shop with us online today to learn more about the knobs and pulls available with your cabinet order in Los Angeles. Don’t worry, we have more styles of knobs and pulls coming your way in our next post. Stay tuned and give us a call if you have any questions.

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