Is it time for you to decide if cabinet knobs or pulls are best for you cabinets you recently installed in your Los Angeles home? Doing so is a task that many will enjoy, but it can cause some stress for others. There’s no doubt about it; this process can be a difficult one. There are too many knobs and pulls to choose between, which makes your decision that much harder. When you’re finally ready to make the decision on if you’d like knobs or pulls in your kitchen, you’ll thoroughly enjoy our past and present blog posts. Learn if knobs or pulls are best for you here, and about different styles of pulls here. And, if you’ve chosen knobs, you’re in luck! Today we’re going to discuss a variety of knob styles you may want to buy for your new kitchen cabinets from Kitchens Pal.

Common cabinet knob and pull styles you may love…

Glass Knobs

If you want a flashy, yet relatively inexpensive knob, glass knobs are a great choice. Fluted and octagonal knobs were one of the most affordable luxury knobs created during the Depression era and are perfect for anyone looking to increase the style of their kitchen. Keep in mind, when you install any knobs on your kitchen cabinets, they’ll be viewed from above. This means you’ll want to place them slightly above the center on lower cabinets and drawers.


The Pros

They can ad formality and a touch of sparkle to your kitchen and they’re usually less expensive. Since they’re small in size, they’re much quicker and easier to install in comparison to pulls. If you like classic simplicity and a bit of bling, glass knobs are a great option for you. Their style matches perfectly with eclectic, vintage, country, traditional and contemporary cabinets.

The Cons

If you purchase glass knobs that are carved or fluted, they tend to be more difficult to clean.

Oversized Pulls

Although their name has pulls in it, these indeed are knobs that draw attention. They’re oversized and usually have pristine detail with an antique touch. You’ll want to place these oversized knobs in the center of drawers to draw attention to the center.

The Pros

An oversized pull will allow you to add a personalized stamp of style to your kitchen and even add an element of panache or surprise. They make opening and closing drawers and cabinets easier when mounted in the center. They are perfect for kitchen cabinets that are eclectic, Mediterranean, contemporary, vintage, country and Tuscan.

The Cons

It’s easy to make your kitchen look “overdone,” and children may have a hard time using them.

Shop for cabinet knobs and pulls online at Kitchens Pal!

Want to learn more about the cabinet knobs and pulls available at Kitchens Pal? We invite you to visit us online today to peruse our incredible selection. We always offer great deals to those who purchase cabinets through our Los Angeles outlet. If you have any questions about your cabinets or the knobs and pulls available, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We’re always here to help make your kitchen look amazing.

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