When it comes to home improvement projects, in many ways we’re living in the golden age of DIY. With the internet, an enormous amount of information is at our fingertips. Plus, in many areas, it’s fairly convenient to take a few classes and learn the skills to just do a project yourself. Put all that together, and who wants to spend the money to have someone do a job for you? Now, let’s talk about your kitchen cabinets.

Suppose you’ve gotten some gorgeous kitchen cabinets and you’re going to repaint them. You just slap some paint on them, let it dry, and you’re good, right? Well…not really. Keep reading and we’ll share a few easy tips to help you paint the cabinets so the end result looks spectacular.

  • Using the right kind of paint is key. Regular wall paint isn’t well suited for surfaces like cabinetry, and over time it will chip and flake off during repeated cleanings. Instead, use an alkyd enamel paint like Benjamin Moore ADVANCE. It will look better in the long term and you’ll have a smoother finish since it’s self-leveling.
  • This might sound a little weird, but consider the color of your appliances when picking a paint color. Will black appliances fit in with an oak finish? How will the color contrast with a stainless steel refrigerator and oven? When searching for the right color, take a picture of your kitchen and eyeball the appliances.
  • Before you begin painting, make sure to remove all the hardware. That includes every screw, magnet, and hinge. This way, you’ll have a completely clean slate when you get started. For the hardware itself, try labeling each door by number (put the label under where the hinge goes in the frame. ), then label a sandwich bag with the same number. This way, you’ve got an easy way to keep track of where the hardware goes.
  • We strongly suggest spending the money to rent or buy an electric sander. By sanding every surface ahead of time, you’re creating the ideal place for the primer and paint to adhere. With an orbital detail sander, the entire process will be faster, easier, and every surface will be evenly prepped. If you’re not sure how to use a sander, you can either find home improvement videos on YouTube that will instruct you, or you can check out local hardware stores and either ask for help or see if there are any classes.
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