These Bots can work well with any team and have a diverse skill set. Another Top-tier bot, Ram is a Chaser with the rarity “Rare.” Ram belongs in this tier due to his absurdly good stats, including the tank HP, DMG like a brawler, and the speed like a chaser. The characters are divided into 7 tiers from best to worst. Many of the D tier I haven’t actually tried much or even at allbecause they just don’t click with me. I expect I’m wrong in a few case and will be happy to get corrected. I also expect some will even deserve a lower ranking down into F tier but I give them the benefit of the doubt for now. This Botworld Adventure tier list is very helpful If you are looking for Botworld Adventure Beginner Guide. Gather the most devastating Melee-range bots Brute, Scatter, Flamer, that are usually held back by their lack of mobility.

This bulky robot is a dangerous and intimidating threat. The only downside of the Lancelot is the lack of mobility, even with its Rush ability and a very large surface area. When facing a Lancelot, try to use Orkans to quickly eliminate it, as prolonging the battle will only make your chances of survival slimmer. Using Molots, Punishers or to a lesser extent, Thunders at a far distance is also a good idea, due to the fact that the bullet spread can hit Lancelot’s unprotected area, weakening the bot in the process. It is also good at knocking out the Ancile shield and the physical shields really quickly. For mid-range support, Tulumbas and Pin can weaken the bot and its physical shields at the same time. However, if the enemy proves to be a bit difficult to tackle with, you can easily run away or team up with some allies to kill it. Pluggie is identified as a ranger in the Botworld Adventure tier list, and it does great within the team fights. This Bot is capable of dealing with burst damage, and he uses the attack of chain lightning to deal with that damage.

Tier List Of The Best Botworld Adventures

You can Explore new worlds, meet a diverse cast of characters, discover unusual treasures, and unravel Botworld’s many secrets. You are free to explore the many lush forests and dry deserts, but you need always to have a strong bot team with you because you never know what’s around the corner. So Come and take a look at this Botworld Adventurer Tier List. When playing an RPG, you often need the best characters to win every match. But that might seem difficult if there are a lot of characters with different stats and abilities, which may be confusing. That’s why we have created aBotworld Adventure tier list to help you pick the best characters.
botworld best team
And if you get yourself a duplicate esper, you can always ascend them to get bonus stats. You can also purchase different skins and attach runes to your character. You’ll have to build a base where you’ll be spending nights and resting to protect yourself from hordes of zombies roaming around everywhere. The game also allows you to craft various weapons and gears from different materials, which you’ll have to obtain by exploring. LifeAfter is a zombie survival game set in a vast post-apocalyptic open world. The game features survival elements where you’ll have to gather various resources and build yourself an operation base in order to stay alive. As you keep doing these things over and over, you’ll gain expertise in certain areas over time which increases your efficiency in doing things. You can also go into dungeons and hunt monsters and collect valuable minerals. The game lets you have a family with NPCs and help you in your job as well.

Best Spiderman Games Of All Time

If you are only here to search chests for rare loot, you must dodge your way out of fights. You will have to do that a lot since there are more enemies than in the normal zone. The Botworld Adventure tier list is updated whenever a new bot is released. These bots are the best of the best, with few if any weaknesses.

  • You can also switch between the characters on your team and use them freely in battle.
  • For example, some Bots are more apt at defeating their opponents quicker than the others in close-range combat, while others can deal damage to groups of enemy Bots clumped together.
  • Souei fills up the 9×9 grid with his clones, making his ultimate hit harder while Gobta gets stronger as the battle goes on.
  • This makes finding the right bot for you much easier as you can simply look at the tier that your preferred adventure is in and choose something of similar difficulty.
  • For example, having Gabiru and Shion in your party works really well as the former’s repeated auto attacks can easily trigger Candy Cane Assistance.

Don’t keep buying out Scrap you don’t need yet, that’s what adventuring into the wilderness and the Danger Zone is for. Boat Generators create a passive flow of money, materials, and chips for your Botpack. You may even get double rewards by watching ads for each. After upgrading your boat, you may choose to upgrade these as well. If you frequent the wilds, we recommend you also upgrade the Scrap Upgrades. Each level up carries your character forward and Botworld is no exception. Almost everything you have is upgradeable and it may need your attention as you progress further into Botworld Adventure. To tackle a Danger Zone properly, you have to first mentally outline your priorities. Once unlocked, gadgets may help give you the upper-hand during a run.

Recruits are NPC Botmasters that may accompany you on your journey. Aside from passively doing jobs for your boat, they can be summoned in the field to help you soften enemies up. If that runs out, they jetpack home and can’t be called FinTech unless you end the run yourself. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Scrap is quite important and its ties with battle are inseparable. The best way to find Scrap AND bandits and wild Bots to beat up is to go exploring the world before you.

The repair canister takes some time to refill and is vital in battles. So whenever you head out, search for loot and take fights strategically to make the most out of every adventure. While roaming around, you will come across multiple enemy types. While both of these enemy types are easy to defeat with the right bots, it’s essential to know that wild bots are easier enemies, and bandits are a little harder to beat.

Add Team Translocator, and watch them melt down the opposition. The general idea behind a Grouper Comp is to get all 3 opponent bots grouped up and nuke them all at once with heavy AoE damage. Your team comp, in my opinion also needs more damage output. It pairs surprisingly well with rocket botworld best team and the fan ability. Firewall can be used to force pupil to move, or take serious damage. It really messes up bot ai, making them stop attacking to get out of the fire while your units beat them up. Cancel a subscription / trial at anytime by blocking the site or app on your Justuseapp Card.

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